5 Tips When Choosing a Yacht To Charter

1 Choose the right type of Yacht for you

Make sure that you are given the correct advice about a charter yacht. If you wish to charter a yacht for your family then a monohull may be better suited to your needs because of the bed configurations. This will mean that your kids will have their own beds, and not have to share a double which is normally the case on a catamaran. If you choose the right monohull they are very stable and sail beautifully, so you will enjoy hours of silence, instead of hours of motoring on a catamaran.


2 Owner Operators

Owner Operators have a vested interest in looking after their charter guests. The yacht is their business so it is in their interest to maintain it to as high a standard as possible.


3 The Crew are really important

You are going to spend a lot of time with the crew on board your charter yacht so do pay particular attention to the Caribbean crewed yacht charter profiles to ensure you get the right fit. A lot of charter boats hire crew and normally the owner will opt for the cheapest option which are qualified crew with little experience and of a very young age. This is why Owner Operators tend to be a better option.


4 Book early to ensure the most choice

The earlier you book your holiday the more choice of yachts you will have available, especially during peak weeks.


5 Safety first

When purchasing a new car you will pay particular attention to the safety features to protect your family. This is not always the case when booking a charter yacht, because you assume that the broker has checked out this information. Insist on a Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) coded vessel which has the most up to date safety equipment on board with fully trained professional crew. This way you know that you and your family are in safe hands for your holiday.