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Discover the Best Way to Build Your Very Own Greenhouse with a Base

If you want to create a beautiful greenhouse on your own property, you’ll need to start with a plastic shed base. Plastic shed bases are superior to concrete and wood bases, as well as stone paving. These plastic bases are available in panels and they cost a lot less than alternative forms of bases. As well, they offer better performance, as they never let moisture in and allow air to circulate.


Also, they are more than tough enough to carry the weight of greenhouses and they are eco-friendly. The smartest greenhouse owners know that these innovative and ultra-modern panels offer impressive benefits and total cost-effectiveness. Since they are much lighter in weight than comparable materials, they are also cheaper to ship.

So, you’ll need to start with the right base. You’ll find it easy to order plastic shed bases online which are ideal for any size of greenhouse or other type of outbuilding. When it comes to greenhouse design, here are some other features to consider…

Plastic Bases Are Just the Start

A plastic base for a greenhouse is important. In terms of other technical features, you should give some thought to the position of your greenhouse. It should be able to access maximum light and this means that it should be built away from things which cast shadows or obstruct light. Examples of things to avoid include high trees and fences which enforce boundaries.

Most people choose to position their greenhouses so that they are south-facing if the greenhouses are lean-to structures which are placed against walls. With greenhouses, which are freestanding outbuildings, easy-west positioning is recommended. This east-west positioning assists with accessing the most sunlight during the cold winter months and during springtime.

Which Materials are best?

Discover the Best Way to Build Your Very Own Greenhouse with a Base

Usually, greenhouses are made with aluminium or with wood. However, there are cheaper outbuildings which are crafted from other materials, such as plastics or alloys. Wood is a nice material to choose. Its classic and looks beautiful. However, it will require a bit more maintenance. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons to decide which material is best for your needs.

Aluminium is definitely easy-care and it’s also beneficial in terms of casting small amounts of shade. Aluminium casts less shade because it’s generally very thin, yet strong. Aluminium is typically finished in a powder coat and this type of finish comes in an array of colours.

Should You Heat Your Greenhouse?

It’s pretty smart to add a heating source to a greenhouse. Compact greenhouses should receive adequate extra heat from electric fan heaters which include thermometer switches. Bigger greenhouses have blown heat. The biggest may feature hot water pipe systems with boilers which receive power via oil or gas.

If you want to heat your greenhouse, be sure to look for an energy-saving system which reduces the cost of power, as well as the environmental impact.

Once you’ve considered the technical specifications, such as a plastic shed base for the greenhouse, which position it should be in, what it should be made from and whether or not you want a heating system, you should also think about size and scale. How big does your greenhouse need to be?

Prefab and Custom Designs Are Available

If you want a prefab greenhouse, versus custom design, you should be able to order it online. These designs are constructed before they are delivered, although assembly may be required. The custom greenhouse will typically cost more. However, it may feature aesthetic beauty and design elements which make it worth the investment. Once you’ve settled on a size and type of greenhouse, whether it’s prefab or custom, you’ll be ready to move forward and order enough plastic shed base panels for the new structure. These base panels are very simple to install.

How to Get Started

There are beautiful greenhouses on display online. Here is just one appealing example:

Most people start off by searching for images of greenhouses online. They look for styles which suit their taste and seem to have all of the right technical features. Whether you want something basic and functional or prefer a more elaborate greenhouse which is a veritable work of art, you should know that so many styles are available. Checking the websites of companies which produce prefab and/or custom greenhouses will be a great way to see how much these designs cost, what their dimensions are and which materials they are made from.

Discover the Best Way to Build Your Very Own Greenhouse with a Base
Do You Have a Green Thumb?

If you have a green thumb, you’ll find that growing things in your own greenhouse is very fulfilling. Getting started is as easy as selecting a greenhouse design, ordering it online, and then ordering plastic shed bases. Some people build their own greenhouses from wood or aluminium, while others order structures. In most cases, you will need to do a little DIY work no matter what, unless you pay someone to do the assembly for you.

If you want to build the entire greenhouse from scratch, you’ll be pleased to know that there are dozens of free greenhouses plans available online. You’ll be able to find one which is suitable and then access the detailed instructions that you need. This is really the smartest way to ensure that you build a greenhouse which is functional, strong and durable. Free plans make it easier to do it yourself!
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