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Life from Death

When dealing with the topic of death many people are a little hesitant according to Gordon Brown who owns a will writer service firm, The Asset Guardian Company. It is hard to think about leaving loved ones. A will is needed to make sure the loved ones will be taken care of and all assets are distributed to ones who are really important. There are different options for people when they die. The biodegradable urn allows them to leave a tree behind and allows a person to support new life. This should be mentioned in a will so the loved ones know and understand a person’s final wishes.

The team at Bios Urn have developed an urn that allows a person to have their ashes support the growth of a tree. This urn can be used for both human and animals.

When a person or pet dies they can be cremated. There are more then 7,000 people throughout the world that have been given the biodegradable urn to use. When ordering this type of urn the customer can chose different seeds that it will come with including oak, maple, pine, gingko, ash or beach wood. They can also get an urn that comes without a seed so they can add their own. Each of the urns will cost around $145 plus the cost of shipping. Leaving new life behind in the form of a tree is much more appealing to many people rather then being remembered by a tombstone.
The developers at Bios Urn are looking to change the way that people view death. They want people to stop fearing the end of their life and know they are helping to support new life.

The Urn is made from 100% biodegradable material including coconut shells, compacted peat, and cellulose. There is a top capsule to hold the seed and the bottom portion for the ashes. The structure of the urn allows for germination to occur. Once the urn begins to biodegrade the roots of the tree will be able to become part of the soil.
Before a person dies it is important that they have a will. This way their loved ones will be able to honor their final wishes including the chose to make new life with this urn.