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Paper Towel Dispensers – Essential Equipment For Your Business

Any room in your premises that has a sink will find that paper towel dispensers are an essential piece of equipment. From commercial restrooms to kitchens, they are vital for cleaning up spillages and drying hands. There are numerous types of dispenser, from those that are designed to be fixed to a wall by your sink units to those which sit on a countertop, or even those that can be carried around from room to room. There are many different finishes available for paper towel dispensers. Stainless steel is a popular option as it is attractive and simple to keep clean. Colored options are also available to match your room’s decor. These dispensers are lockable, have a large capacity for folded paper towels, and are easy to refill.

Paper towel products come in a selection of types. Although smaller orders are available for use in domestic properties, bulk orders for businesses are commonplace. There are a variety of styles to select from, including the ever-popular roll towel and dispenser, and slim style dispensers that hold an assortment of towels from the C-fold and the multi-fold to the slim-fold and the single-fold. Online ordering from the wholesaler makes it simple to choose the correct product while enjoying great discounts. Ordering in this way also enables the benefit of having fast delivery right to your door.

An attractive metal or plastic paper towel dispenser is the perfect way to improve the appearance of your home bathroom or commercial restroom. On commercial premises, there will be a large number of people utilizing the restrooms and requiring vast quantities of paper towels to dry their hands. Installing a commercial bathroom towel dispenser can assist you in managing this need by providing a huge capacity for towels, resulting in less time wasted on maintenance and refilling.

It is very important to keep your home and business premises clean and hygienic. Choosing a convenient paper towel dispenser is the perfect way to prevent the transmission of infections and bacteria as the product is immediately disposable after use. This will limit the amount of time employees take off as sick leave and increase business productivity. It also reduces the amount of time that janitors are required to spend on restroom maintenance and cleaning. There is even the option of selecting environmentally friendly paper towel products which can be recycled.

There are plenty of reliable online retailers selling paper towels to both the commercial and domestic markets. Amazon, eBay and Makro are just three of the options for purchasing wholesale cleaning and janitorial equipment. There is a giant range of products to pick from and customers can enjoy fast delivery, with no minimum purchase amount necessary.