Should The Sale Of E Cigarettes Be Regulated?

A report produced at the end of last year confirmed the popularity of electronic cigarettes by revealing that over a million smokers in the United Kingdom have switched to vaping, however there is much debate over whether the sale of the e-cigs should be regulated.

The benefits of the electronic cigarettes over their conventional counterparts has been well publicised and the arguments for not having the regulations in place include the fact that e-cigs are promoted as a healthier alternative – none of the many thousands of chemical compounds, many of which are responsible for causing cancer, are produced when vaping and there is also no offensive smell which makes them much more socially acceptable.

There is an opinion that the harm reduction brigade will cross the line when it comes to forcing legislation all of which could have adverse effects such as drawing smokers back to the more harmful tobacco products.

On the flip side, there is growing concern that vaping could be seen as cool among the younger generation and this in turn could lead them to the tobacco products.

E-cigs are relatively new and as such there is a bit of a question mark because it has not been possible to carry out long-term research into their effects.

Some data collected has revealed it is the smokers themselves who want better regulations in place as they seek assurances that the products they are using are both safe and effective – the best news is that help is at hand in determining which products are quality with reviews easily available online.