Want to Attract Attention? Get Eyelash Extensions!

Women who get traditional false eyelash extensions or semi permanent lashes are both trying to accomplish the same thing. They are trying to augment their eyelashes, thus drawing more attention to their eyes and making their eyes stand out more on their faces. False eyelash extensions have been around for a long time. People have spent decades gluing those strips of eyelashes onto their eyelids in order to simulate the appearance of having eyelashes that are full and thick to an almost superhuman level.

Semi permanent lashes are becoming increasingly popular today among people who are trying to accomplish the exact same thing in a different way, according to eyelash extensions London salon owner, Janette. Semi permanent lashes attach themselves to someone’s eyelashes directly, which is already going to make them look and feel vastly different compared to traditional eyelash extensions. Traditional false eyelashes can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear for many people. The adhesive that people apply to their upper eyelids can be very uncomfortable, and some people develop skin rashes as a result of this adhesive.

Traditional false eyelashes can even be uncomfortable to wear after the adhesive dries and people are going about their days wearing their new false eyelashes. They can feel as if they are wearing small visors over their eyes as well, which is certainly something that is going to take some getting used to for many people. These sorts of false eyelashes are certainly not going to effectively shield anyone’s eyes from the sun. They will effectively mimic the appearance of full of thick eyelashes, but since these eyelashes exist in a strip, they are going to look somewhat artificial compared to semi permanent lashes.

Semi permanent lashes are applied directly to someone’s eyelashes, which is going to make them look that much more natural. They will rest directly in the right position, in contrast to traditional false eyelashes. People will also get used to them that much more quickly. People who wear these sorts of eyelash extensions will feel as if their natural eyelashes have become mysteriously longer, which is much better than the feeling that something artificial has been plastered over one’s eyes in some mysterious way.

Some people might be reluctant to try eyelash extensions at first, if only because they’re under the impression that those false eyelashes are going to be as uncomfortable as all of the traditional models. The semi permanent eyelash extensions might change that perception forever.